Multi-Level Marketing – Diamonds In The Rough Explored


Multi-level Marketing, Network Marketing, referral marketing. Call it what you want, some of these companies crank out some really top quality products. Some people may cringe at the mark up prices generated by a handful of these companies, but it doesn’t stop some consumers coming back for more. Many signing up on a recurring payment plan to get their weekly, fortnightly or month fix of their favourite products.

I’ve signed on to a few network marketing companies over the years hoping to make big money part-time as a direct distributor or Go Diamond! as a successful Amway Distributor. I can only say good things about the Grand Daddy of Network marketing Amway but times have changed and no longer are we just ordering concentrated washing powder, dishwash liquid or a highly sought after weight loss supplement, but other products and services such as loyalty cards and discounts on fuel are making their mark and being introduced to the Multi-level Marketing landscape too. Talked about as over saturated in recent years, Network Marketing is taking a stance and making a way overdue comeback.

Here is list of three Multi-Level Marking companies that i was involved with over the years who had absolutely fantastic products on offer be it skin care, men and womens fragrances, vitamins and minerals and other health supplements or organic rolled oats, take your pick, two words that stand out for all products on offer is top quality.


Known as the Grand Daddy of Network marketing. Hailing from the United States, Amway is a world-wide leader in health and beauty. Known for concentrated cleaning products with one of its products being SA8 clothes washing powder – the smell of this particular washing powder is to-die-for, like no other.

LR Health And Beauty Systems:

All the way from Ahlen, Germany LR Health And Beauty Systems also bases it niche around top quality health and beauty products, namely skin care, body washes, shampoos and conditioners, with a heavy hand producing some of their top products with the plant species Aloe Vera.

MonaVie: (now defunct)

MonaVie, known as a distributor of diet and weight loss supplements manufactured and distributed products made from blended fruit juice concentrates and purees.

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